Grounded Update 1.2.0 - Grounded Wiki Guide - IGN (2023)

Things are about to get a little more super duper. The upcoming Update 1.2.0 for Grounded is just around the corner, but in the meantime, you can test out all of its newest features in the Public Test Server!

Participate in the Super Duper Update public test and be the first to battle against Wasps, discover the usefulness of Handy Gnat, and embrace the chill vibes at your base now that you have a coziness level effected by your base. On this page of IGN's Grounded wiki guide, you can find the complete patch notes for Update 1.2.0 before the Super Duper Update has hit the public servers in Grounded.


  • How to Join the Public Test Server
  • New: Wasps
  • New Boss: Wasp Queen
  • New: Super Duper (Item Duplication Machine)
  • New: Coziness Levels
  • New: Handy Gnat
  • Additional Custom Game Options
  • Loot Luck
  • Turret Improvements
  • Yoked Gardening
  • Photo Mode Improvements
  • Steam Deck Support
  • Quality of Life Features
  • New Content
  • Other Changes/Tuning
  • Bug Fixes

How to Join the Public Test Server for Grounded

If you are playing Grounded on Steam, you can access the beta Public Test Server by:

  • Right-click on Grounded
  • Select Properties
  • Select "Beta" tab
  • From the drop-down menu, select "public_test"

If you are playing Grounded on Xbox or via Windows 10, check out the official Grounded website to learn how connect to the access Public Test Server.

New: Wasps

A new enemy has infiltrated the yard: Wasps!

  • Battle with wasps and drones that guard their mini hives across the upper yard.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the hidden main nest.
  • A word of caution: piss off their kin and you'll release the full fury of the hive.

New Boss: Wasp Queen

Within the hidden wasp hive, a new boss awaits... the Wasp Queen.

New: Super Duper (Item Duplication Machine)

  • The Super Duper is a new piece of equipment installed in the Oak Lab that duplicates gear and items using Raw Science.
  • Find Duper Discs in the yard labs, which upgrade the Super Duper to clone even more items. The first disc unlocks operation of the Super Duper, while the other discs unlock duping of higher-tier equipment and items.
  • Any equipment that is duped will include all the item's Smithing upgrades.
  • Higher-tier equipment costs more Raw Science to dupe.
  • It can even duplicate trinkets, unique items, and upgrade stones!
  • Example: Duplicate an upgraded equipment set for your friends if they are joining your party mid-way through your adventure!

New: Coziness Levels

  • Buildings now exude cozy vibes when you are nearby. If you are around enough cozy buildings, your level of coziness will rise.
  • For each new level of coziness you reach, you can unlock new things:
    • New decorative building recipes
    • A mutation useful for base building
    • New emotes to expand your body language
  • Being in a cozy location will also give you status effects that decrease your hunger and thirst drain and slowly heal you.
  • Multiple buildings of the same type don't give you the same level of coziness. For example, one bed will provide lots of coziness, but a second bed of the same type will only give you a little more coziness.
  • There are five levels of coziness. Your current coziness level will show on your HUD if it is at least 1.
  • Some existing decorative buildings are now unlocked via the coziness system instead of by analyzing a material (such as the Grandfather Clock).

New: Handy Gnat


  • As Handy Gnat, you can fly around to build and customize bases to your heart's content.
  • In order to use Handy Gnat, you must have the "Handy Gnat Unlocked" custom game option toggled on. This option is on by default in Creative and Creative with Bugs game modes. For Survival game modes, you must convert your game to a Custom Game first in the Game Settings menu to enable this feature.
  • Once enabled, Handy Gnat can be activated in the Crafting menu or the Construction radial.
  • Handy Gnat can build from storage near your teen and even haul Grass Planks and Weed Stems.

Super Duper Update Additional Custom Game Options

All Mutations Unlocked:

  • Start with all Mutations unlocked and available.

Fully Yoked:

  • Start with all Milk Molar infusions fully maxed out.

Handy Gnat Enabled:

  • Allows you to activate the Handy Gnat build helper.

"All Recipes Unlocked and Free" has been split into two separate options.: All Recipes Unlocked, and All Recipes Free.

Super Duper Update Loot Luck

Increase the chance of obtaining rare drops and receive more loot in general! Loot luck comes in 2 forms:

Generic Loot Luck

  • Increases drop rate for all items on all creatures.

Targeted Loot Luck

  • Greatly increases the drop rate for all items from a specific creature type (for example, "Loot Luck: Black Widow" will increase the drop rate specifically for black widows).

This new luck status effect can be found in various places, most easily by utilizing the new "Rub For Luck" feature on all the stuffed creature buildings!


Super Duper Update Turret Improvements

  • The Pebblet Turret and Pollen Turret have been converted to be a single Turret called "Acorn Turret" that can load different ammo types like a bow.
  • When in the Turret, you can press 'R' or Right Bumper to swap ammo types on the fly. The new ammo types you can craft are:
    • Rocky Rounds
      • Pebblet rounds made smooth with bug acid. Pack a punch and push targets back.
    • Groundy Rounds
      • Sticky turret rounds that don't do a lot of damage but can ground flying insects with ease.
    • Pointy Rounds
      • Sharp and simple. Very small cooldown between shots.
    • Sappy Rounds
      • Gooey rounds that are perfect for slowing down enemy crawlers.
    • Burny Rounds
      • Hot little suckers that can set the ground around them ablaze.
  • Pollen Turret recipe and Pollen Turret Science Store entry have been removed.
    • If you previously purchased either the Pollen Turret or Pebblet Turret, you will have access to the new "Acorn Turret" building recipe.
    • If you previously purchased both Turrets, you will be refunded 4,000 Raw Science.
  • Turret aiming angles have been increased so you can aim higher and lower.
  • You can now see the health of the turret while inside of it.

Super Duper Update Yoked Gardening

  • Muscle Sprouts can be grown in the Garden Patch now.

Super Duper Update New Achievements

  • Three new achievements added related to the new features and content.

Super Duper Update Photo Mode Improvements

  • Added Depth of Field slider.
  • 5 new poses added.

Super Duper Update Steam Deck Support

Grounded has been updated to include official Steam Deck support. Fixed issues and improvements include:

  • The game now boots past the initial loading screen.
  • The Xbox log-in window properly displays.
  • Tuned the default graphics settings for Steam Deck to provide an enjoyable experience. Also includes some Steam Deck-specific optimizations.
  • Steam Deck virtual keyboard pops up when selecting any input text field in the game (entering a multiplayer game password, naming your trail marker / storage, pet, etc.)
  • Control prompts no longer flip flop between displaying gamepad and mouse/keyboard controls when using the touch pad or gyro.

The Steam store page will not reflect this official support until after the 1.2 Public Test period is complete.

Super Duper Update Quality of Life Features

View Enemy Status Effects:

  • Status Effects applied to creatures now appear beneath the enemy health bar while you are attacking them.

Building Hold to Place Many:


  • You can press and hold the build action and move your cursor to place many structural buildings all at once. You can also bind the "Place Many" control (default unbound) to start Place Many with one button press instead of using the "Hold Build" action to activate.
  • Example uses:
    • Place a horizontal line of 10 foundations all at once.
    • Place a vertical set of 8 walls all at once.
    • Use both directions to make a 10x10 set of walls all at once.

Relocate Walls / Floors / Roofs / Foundations:

  • You can now relocate walls, floors, roofs, and other structural buildings as long they are not the sole supporter of another building.


  • You can now configure 4 Mutation loadouts and quickly swap between them using the new Mutation Loadouts radial.
  • The default binding to open the new radial is Right D-Pad on controller or T on keyboard.
  • To make room on the controller, the emote and chat radial have been combined into a single radial.
  • There are five new mutations to unlock.
  • Active Mutation status effects display in the UI next to your other status effect icons.

Shared World Backup Saves:

  • Shared Worlds now create local backup saves on the last host's machine anytime a save is made.
  • These saves are not stored in the cloud like the primary Shared World save and thus only the host that made them has access to them.
  • Backup saves can only be loaded if you were the last host for the Shared World when the backup save was made.
  • This is done to prevent multiple players from loading very old backup saves that stomp over the current playthrough progress.

Super Duper Update New Content

New Equipment / Items:

  • Wasp Morion
  • Wasp Breastplate
  • Wasp Greaves
  • Bard's Tudor
  • Bard's Bow
  • Wasp Queen Trinket
  • 6 secret trinkets
  • Pollen Arrows
  • More smoothies and meals

New Buildings:

  • Over 90 new buildings have been added


  • Large Storage Chest
    • Holds 60 items.
  • Large Plank Pallet
    • Holds 60 Grass Planks.
  • Large Stem Pallet
    • Holds 60 Weed Stems.
  • Hot Tub
    • Seats up to four tiny teens, who gain the "Hot Springs" status effect upon soaking in it.


  • Bunk Bed
  • Petal Bed
  • Pupa Leather Couch
  • Trash Can
  • Ant Candle
  • Spider Candle
  • Acorn Shelf
  • Koi Scale Shelf
  • Pinecone Shelf
  • Toenail Chandelier
  • Fireplace Hearth
  • Fireplace Chimney
  • Fireplace Half Chimney
  • Fireplace Chimney Clover Roof
  • Fireplace Chimney Crow Roof
  • Fireplace Vent
  • Picture Frame
  • Pinecone Table
  • Pinecone Armoire
  • Short Pinecone Dresser
  • Tall Pinecone Dresser
  • Vase D
  • Vase E
  • Vase F
  • Weevil Statue
  • Aphid Statue
  • Koi Statue
  • Yoked Girth Statue
  • Moldorc Statue
  • [REDACTED] Statue
  • [REDACTED] Statue
  • Standing [REDACTED] Brazier
  • Sitting [REDACTED] Brazier


Base Structures:


  • Half Clay Foundation
  • Curved Clay Foundation


  • Half Pebblet Foundation
  • Curved Pebblet Foundation


  • Clover Peaked Roof
  • Clover Peaked Dome Roof
  • Clover Valley
  • Clover Awning
  • Clover Awning B
  • Clover Awning Corner
  • Clover Awning Diagonal
  • Clover Awning Diagonal B

Crow Feather:

  • Crow Feather Valley
  • Large Crow Feather Peaked Roof
  • Crow Awning
  • Crow Awning B
  • Crow Awning Corner


  • Grass Outer Curved Floor
  • Corner Grass Stairs
  • Interior Corner Grass Stairs
  • Corner Grass Half Stairs
  • Interior Corner Grass Half Stairs
  • Grass Valley

Weed Stem:

  • Stem Outer Curved Floor
  • Log Valley


  • Acorn Stairs
  • Acorn Half Stairs
  • Corner Acorn Stairs
  • Interior Corner Acorn Stairs
  • Corner Acorn Half Stairs
  • Interior Corner Acorn Half Stairs



  • Mushroom Stairs B
  • Corner Mushroom Stairs
  • Interior Corner Mushroom Stairs
  • Mushroom Valley


  • Pinecone Roof
  • Pinecone Roof Corner
  • Pinecone Roof Squared Corner
  • Pinecone Roof Interior Corner
  • Pinecone Flat Roof
  • Pinecone Flat Triangle Roof
  • Pinecone Peaked Roof
  • Pinecone Peaked Dome
  • Pinecone Valley


  • Ash Valley


  • Bur Outer Curved Floor
  • Buoyant Foundation Ramp

Wall Mounts:

  • Infected Wolf Spider
  • Infected Gnat
  • Grub
  • Wasp
  • Wasp Queen


  • Infected Wolf Spider
  • Infected Gnat
  • Grub
  • Wasp
  • Wasp Queen

Super Duper Update Other Changes / Tuning


  • Updated pickup and equip sounds for weapons, armors, and items.
  • Many more objects will now play the proper material impact sounds when hit.

BURG.L Quests:

  • Raw Science reward values granted from Kill quests have been simplified:
    • Passive Creatures = 50 per kill
    • Tier 1 Creatures = 100
    • Tier 2 Creatures= 200
    • Tier 3 Creatures= 300



  • BURG.L now plays talking animations during conversations.

Milk Molar Upgrades:

  • There's now a sixth level of the "Health" upgrade.
  • Health has been rescaled.
    • Previously: 30 → 50 → 65 → 75 → 80
    • Now: 30 → 55 → 75 → 90 → 100 → 105
  • Stamina has been rescaled.
    • Previously: 20 → 35 → 45 → 50 → 55
    • Now: 25 → 45 → 60 → 70 → 75
  • Hunger and Thirst rates have been rescaled.
    • Previously: 80% → 70% → 60% → 55% → 50%
    • Now: 80% → 65% → 55% → 50% → 45%
  • Healing upgrade has been rescaled to have diminishing returns like all other upgrades.
    • Previously: 15% → 30% → 45% → 60% → 75%
    • Now: 20% → 35% → 45% → 50% → 55%


  • Creatures now have a stagger cooldown to prevent them from being stun-locked, ranging from 1 second to 20 seconds depending on tier/creature.
  • Perfect Blocks now deal significantly more stun damage to flying creatures.
  • Mosquitos now have an extended hit box to make them easier to hit with melee weapons.
  • Increased stamina to swing club type weapons.
  • Base unarmed damage reduced because it ignores resistances.


  • The Broodmother has been updated to provide a slightly harder challenge.
  • You can no longer hurt the Broodmother as she slowly descends from the ceiling.
  • No longer receives specific damage type resistances as her phases change.
  • Now applies various debuffs on her attacks.
  • Idle time spent between attacks has been reduced.
  • Health has been slightly increased.
  • Broodmother no longer attempts to leap to specific egg sacs after a phase change.
  • Added a new "backwards dodge" attack to the Broodmother.


Lil Fist:

  • Bonus damage stacks now clear when you take damage.
  • Mastery bonus proc chance reduced.
  • Trapper PEEP.R final tier now requires 60 gold cards instead of 59 to even out the tiers (20 → 40 → 60).
  • Meat Shield bonus health value increased.
  • Buff Lungs bonus stamina value increased.
  • Cardio Fan stamina regen buff increased at all tiers.
  • [REDACTED] Stranger:
    • Proc chance doubled.
    • Damage of [REDACTED] summon increased.
  • Shocking Dismissal proc chance increased.
  • Grass Master bonus damage increased.
  • Rock Cracker bonus damage increased.


  • Survival tutorial quests can be toggled off in the options menu.
  • On Steam, the Main Menu will not ask you to log into an Xbox account until you access multiplayer features.
  • Recipe lists in recipe buildings are now sorted by tier.
  • Some of the buttons on the UI have been modified to look more like buttons when using the keyboard.
  • Additional clarification on weakpoints has been added to the creature cards.
  • Weapons that maintain their original damage type after upgrading down an elemental path should be communicated more clearly
  • For example, an axe that's upgraded down the "spicy" path should now communicate that it's spicy + chopping


  • Treasure chest in Black Anthill storage room now always gives 2 crow feathers instead of randomly giving 0 to 5.
  • The Stump Lab has been improved to have less frustrating platforming.
  • Added a quest objective and map marker for finding the Hedge Ascent for the Hedge Lab quest.
  • Wolf Spiders will not wake up on their own for the first 3 nights of starting a new game.
  • Large Feather nodes can now drop up to 10 feather resources, up from 7.
  • Small Feather nodes can now drop up to 3 feather resources, up from 1.



  • Pets will jump to their homes or masters when the party rests.
  • Active pets will magically appear near the player if they are very far away.


  • Notably reduced the amount of network traffic between hosts and clients when playing Multiplayer.
  • Improved framerate on extended playthroughs with larger bases.
  • Creature pathing will not fragment memory so much, which should help prevent out-of-memory crashes.
  • Improved CPU performance of based built on top of buoyant foundations.
  • Improved CPU performance when items are floating in water (example: Lint in the Undershed water).
  • Other general CPU performance improvements.


  • The "Copy" action is now mapped to R3 for Gamepad. It was previously unmapped.
  • Sitting in chairs slows your hunger and thirst drain.
  • Roof Interior Corners are now placed by flipping Roof Corners (default 'G' or Y button).
  • Several types of buildings will now conform better to the ground during placement.
  • Player can hold the Drop button to drop all hauled items into storage buildings.
  • Minor performance improvements on saves with large numbers of static freeform buildings, such as partitions, stuffed creatures, and vases.
  • The Grinder will now work with nearby palette storage.
  • Asymmetric Ash buildings now have a flip option.
  • Aligning buildings with the terrain will be smoother, particularly close to the player.
  • Ceiling-mounted buildings can now be optionally grid-snapped.

Armor and Weapons:

  • The repair hammer now repairs buildings when thrown.
  • Crossbows now grant the "Rough Reload" effect.
    • Block canceling is enabled after firing a shot.
    • Damage is significantly reduced on the next shot if fired faster than the normal reload duration.
  • Spears:
    • Rusty Spear base damage reduced.
    • Thrown base damage decreased across all spears.
    • Melee range increased across all spears.
  • Ant Club base damage reduced.
  • Bonus poison damage granted by spider armor sleek effect reduced.
  • Super Gas Arrow damage reduced (normal gas arrows unchanged).
  • Sleek Ladybug armor extra healing effect slightly reduced.
  • Toenail Sword base damage increased.
  • Fire Ant Club charged attack damage increased.
  • Prod Smacker base damage increased.
  • Salt Morning Star base damage increased.
  • Sour Battle Axe stun damage increased.
  • Pinch Whacker:
    • Damage from AoE shock increased.
    • Stun damage from AoE shock increased.
  • Sour Arrows:
    • Stun damage when used in crossbows increased.
    • Stun damage when used in bows increased.
  • Mint Staff base damage increased.
  • Sour Staff:
    • Base damage increased.
    • Damage per pulse on charged projectile increased.
    • Stun damage from direct hit of charged projectile increased.
  • Mosquito Rapier:
    • Base damage increased.
    • Charged attack damage increased.
  • Tiger Mosquito Rapier:
    • Base damage increased.
    • Charged attack damage increased.
  • Spiky Sprig attacks now apply a small bleed DoT.
  • All poison DoTs provided by weapons and armor now have the same tick rate.
  • Increased Poison Nova's damage per tick to compensate for new slower tick rate.
  • Increased [REDACTED] Club's bonus venom damage from [REDACTED] perk effect to compensate for new slower tick rate.


  • Roasted meats now heal the same amount as base smoothies, instead of that of beefy smoothies.
  • Unarmed bonus attack triggered from the power droplet base damage reduced.


  • Reduced crafting cost for most meals.

Super Duper Update Bug Fixes

Crash Fixes:

  • The game will no longer crash when dropping certain items directly from a chest.
  • Fixed a rare crash linked to Building Integrity.

Major Fixes:


  • The player will no longer clip into objects at the end of a zipline trip.
  • Clients no longer always see the Oak Lab explosion flames when joining a game after BURG.L has already been rescued.
  • Mantis fight no longer lags when the Mantis attacks.
  • Using Photo Mode for long periods of time while hosting a Shared World will no longer make the Shared World appear as if it is not being hosted anymore.

Other Fixes:

  • Player's head will appropriately render when interacting with beds or in conversation.
  • Boss music will correctly play after retriggering a boss fight after loading a save game.
  • The player cannot sit in chairs when the seat is obstructed by something.
  • The player can no longer place overlapping grid-snapped buildings by looking straight up.
  • Wolf spiders will not wake up until the third night (second fix).
  • Sunken Bones no longer jump around when digging them up on clients.
  • The Garden will now ask the player for confirmation when they cancel production using the hotkey.
  • Triangle Ash Walls can no longer be walked on.
  • Acorn Shells dropped from wall-mounted heads will no longer clip into walls.
  • Items on ziplines will no longer clip through objects.
  • Fixed collision on car tire rim to allow player to properly drop through small holes.
  • ORC Disruptors will drop ingredients when destroyed by the player.
  • ORC Disruptors will now play audio correctly on clients.
  • Gnats will no longer continue playing animations while dead.
  • PEEP.R '???' UI element no longer can get stuck on screen when a creature walks out of PEEP.R view.
  • Highlighted key words in item descriptions no longer have large spaces around them when playing the game in aspect ratios smaller than 16x9.
  • Grubs now have a hit reaction animation.
  • The player's weapons will no longer be shown while zipping after loading a save.
  • The player will no longer become oddly stretched when loading a save while on a zipline with a shield.
  • Copying unflipped buildings will set the building being placed to unflipped.
  • Deposit All can no longer overfill plank and stem pallets.
  • Half Stairs can now be placed directly against walls.
  • "Take All" will work correctly on Sap Catchers after loading a save.
  • Guard Dog mutation and turret damage bonuses now properly work on wave versions of Lawn Mites, Antlions, Larva, Orb Weavers, Orb Weaver Jrs, Ticks, Tiger Mosquitos, and Fire Ant Soldiers.
  • The player's facing direction on the map now faces the correct way when they are ascending ziplines.
  • Player nameplates will fade out in the correct locations on aspect ratios other than 16:9.
  • Curved walls can now have curved floors placed in the middle of the wall's inner side more reliably.
  • Foundation Ramps can no longer be placed up against and clipping through walls.
  • Items will no longer become stuck on the hotbar when consuming the last item while entering zipline placement mode.
  • The player can no longer relocate walls with wall-mounted buildings attached to them.
  • Camera monitor feeds no longer show labs with missing art.
  • Certain destroyed buildings, such as diagonal walls and straight roofs, will no longer leave floating buildings they previously supported.
  • Creatures will no longer sometimes be improperly deleted on load.
  • Freeform buildings optionally-snapped to grid buildings will now properly collapse when the supporting buildings are destroyed.
  • [Redacted] was asked to hum less.
  • Water Containers will display the correct levels after loading a save.
  • Lure arrows and gas arrows will now have correct textures when loaded in bows.
  • Adjusted the position of a few pre-placed ziplines to make them easier to reach when going up them using the ZIP.R upgrade.
  • Diagonal walls will now appear at the correct rotation when changing their material.
  • Filtering lists like the Recipe list is now correctly case-insensitive in non-English languages.
  • Clubs no longer lose their generic damage type when upgraded down elemental paths.
  • Power Droplet no longer triggers the Quickdraw effect
  • Infected Wolf Spiders no longer sometimes die while jumping.
  • Dead aphids will no longer become stuck in mid-air when falling onto a choppable plant.
  • Players with the ZIP.R upgrade will now consistently start zipping in the direction they are facing.

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What's in Grounded new update? ›

The update brings over 100 new craftable items, new creatures, a Base Coziness feature, and more. Grounded is now Steam Deck Verified, and a free Steam weekend begins later this month.

Has there been an update for Grounded? ›

The Grounded team is excited to bring Update 1.2.0 to the community today. Rightfully titled The Super Duper update, this massive update brings with it many quality-of-life changes, more than a hundred new items to craft, a brand new Base Coziness feature, and wasps, a new terrifying creature to fight.

What is the full story of Grounded? ›

In Grounded, the player character (Max, Willow, Pete, or Hoops) has been mysteriously shrunk to the size of an ant. The player must survive in the micro-world of a suburban backyard alone or with up to 3 additional players.

How do you beat the game Grounded? ›

Gather some armor, get your best weapons, make sure you have plenty of healing items and food, and get ready for one last fight if you want a good ending. Also, bring some building materials if you've never been over to this area, as building structures are needed to get around the area.

What does not respawn in Grounded? ›

Marble/Quartzite deposits do not respawn in the game, but you will find recipes to craft upgrade materials the more you play.

Do sour candy respawn Grounded? ›

They sure do, but they aren't guaranteed to respawn every day. Please feel free to submit a support ticket if you think there is an issue with your sour candy.

Can you have pets in Grounded? ›

Pets are a gameplay mechanic that allows the player to tame certain creatures. They benefit the player in several ways including giving certain buffs, producing items, and providing 10 inventory slots. Pets can be named and dressed with pet attire with the use of a Pet House.

Does buried treasure Respawn in Grounded? ›

The treasure will not twinkle during the night, but can still be dug up if found. Once harvested, they will have a 50% chance to respawn in the same place every 2 days.

Is there a black widow in Grounded? ›

There are an array of Spiders you'll encounter in the backyard of Grounded, but the most deadly is the Black Widow. Once you reach the upper part of the backyard, you'll be able to find them in a few locations.

Who is the final boss in Grounded? ›

Director Schmector is a optional secret boss enemy found below Castle Moldorc in the Mysterious Lab. It is the final boss of the game, and one of the hardest non repeatable bosses.

What is the toughest enemy in Grounded? ›

Most Grounded fans agree that the almighty Hedge Broodmother is the hardest angry creature to beat in the game for even survivor video game pros. Once the boss fight against the queen of all spiders begins, players cannot leave Broodmother's lair until either she is dead of the player is.

What is the many weak to Grounded? ›

The Mant is a Boss Creature found in the Undershed Lab, blocking the path to Dr.
Slashing (+50% Damage) -or- Stabbing (+25% Damage)Explosive (-50% Damage) -or- Generic (-25% Damage)

What are the 2 hidden achievements in Grounded? ›

Hidden Achievements

Kill the Assistant Manager in the Black Anthill Lab. Enter the Oak Lab and help BURG. L up. Find and enter the password in the Hedge Labs terminal.

Do ice cap mints Respawn Grounded? ›

Ice Cap Mint are Resource Nodes found in the many sparse areas around the map. The ones in the Ice Caps Mint Container and Haze do not respawn while all others do, but may take some time.

Are mints infinite in Grounded? ›

It is confirmed that Mints will respawn after some time has passed after harvesting Mint Chunks.

Can you tame a spider in Grounded? ›

The overall technique required to tame bugs in Grounded is a fairly simple one. Find a bug, and feed it Slurries. For the most part, 2 or 3 slurries should be enough to take yourself a bug, but every once in a while, it may take a few extra.

Can you fly insects in Grounded? ›

Grounded Update Adds Flying Insects Like Bees And Mosquitos To The Xbox And PC Game. Obsidian's Grounded is now even more like the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The next update for Obsidian's adventure-survival game Grounded has arrived, and it adds flying insects to the Xbox and PC title for the first time.

What does spicy mean in Grounded? ›

The Spicy Glob is a Material Resource that allows players to upgrade their tools to do "spicy" damage, which will more or less damage depending on the creature attacked. The spicy effect does more damage to spiders and ants.

Do tough nuggets respawn Grounded? ›

Armor and Weapon Upgrade Changes

Now when upgrading, you will need to acquire a unique, non-respawning resource called Style and Tough Nuggets found across the yard. These can be found by harvesting Stones of Toughness or Rocks of Style.

Do Supreme Stones Respawn in Grounded? ›

They are mostly found in secret areas across the yard or dangerous sections of the yard, especially the upper yard. They are finite and don't respawn when harvested.

What does mysterious stranger do Grounded? ›

The Mantsterious Stranger mutation is a reference to the "Mysterious Stranger" perk in Fallout: New Vegas, another game that Obsidian developed in which there is a chance to summon an ally to help you in combat.

What is Broodmother weakness? ›

The Hedge Broodmother is weak to Spicy damage. This also pairs well with the fact she's weak against Slashing type damage. Grabbing the Spicy Coaltana is an excellent way to deal a great deal of pain to her with no resistance.

How do you get super venom Grounded? ›

Super Spider Venoms is a resource obtained from harvesting the remains of Black Widows.

What is the best 1 handed in Grounded? ›

Scythe of the Blossoms. In most cases, you'll find rocking one-handed weapons with a shield is the most effective in combat.

Can you make guns in Grounded? ›

Each weapon and tool can be crafted after you've discovered the crafting recipe and gathered the prerequisite materials.

Is there Tier 3 weapons in Grounded? ›

The Sour Staff is a Tier III ranged weapon that offers good damage, maximum stun, and very high speed capability. It requires a Workbench as well as collecting Sour Globs, Pinecone Pieces, Tough Gunk, and Pond Moss to craft.

What is the strongest sword in Grounded? ›

1 Club of the Mother Demon

As for the best melee weapon in the game, there's no contest here. The Club of the Mother Demon lives up to its name. Players can access this weapon after defeating the Broodmother boss, which is a tough fight some time in mid-game or whenever players feel like it.

What is the best life steal weapon in Grounded? ›

The Mosquito Needle is a rapier weapon, a type of thrusting sword, crafted from Mosquito parts. It is a 1-handed weapon. It is weaker than most other tier 2 weapons, but has the unique ability of Life Steal, restoring health equal to 6% of the damage you deal.

What armor stops sizzling in Grounded? ›

Antlion Armor is an armor set crafted with Antlion parts. The piece effect, Sizzle Protection increases your resistance against the burning daytime heat in the Sandbox, the charcoals in the BBQ Spill, and the bite from Ladybird Larvae.

Can you make the embiggening cocktail? ›

Go to the JavaMatic machine. Install the Embiggening Cell in the JavaMatic carafe. Deposit ingredients into the JavaMatic pencil sharpener. Use the JavaMatic to brew the Embiggening Cocktail.

Is there a lizard boss in Grounded? ›

The Lizard was a cut boss seen in a leaked developer world, found under the Sandbox under the sand castle. It appeared to have planned to have been the last boss in progression, with its summoning item being apparently made from both parts of the Mantis and Fire Ant Queen.

What is the harmless bug in Grounded? ›

Harmless Creatures
AphidFlower Bed Eastern Flooded Zone Grasslands Hedge Oak Hill Upper Grasslands
WeevilEastern Flooded Zone Grasslands Hedge Oak Hill Upper Grasslands
GrubCaverns Central Grasslands Oak Hill Shed Surroundings Spider Caves
6 more rows

Does the crow do anything in Grounded? ›

The Crows main purpose in the game is to provide a renewable source of Crow Feather Pieces from the feathers it drops. These feathers will drop while landing on a perch or on takeoff from a perch. They can also drop while it is flying away or too a perch.

Can you tame a weevil in Grounded? ›

Weevils can be tamed with Mushroom Slurry and are much easier to tame than Aphids due to the fact that they do not retreat from the player or other creatures. The player should still be careful that no ants are near the Weevil while it feeds.

What is the most overpowered bug? ›

Horned dung beetle can pull over 1000 times its own body weight. The insect world is famous for its Olympian power-lifters, but the horned dung beetle (Onthophagus Taurus) takes the gold.

What is the scariest place in Grounded? ›

  • Near the berry bush forest, you can encounter one of the creepiest Grounded secret locations. ...
  • In both the northeastern and western parts of the map, you will come across wooden logs that form fences. ...
  • Near the oak tree at the northernmost point of the map, you'll find a giant, glittering pond.
Nov 1, 2022

What is the biggest spider in Grounded? ›

It is considerably larger than the player and can be identified by the hair across its body, the colored V on its abdomen and the thicker legs than orb weavers. The Wolf Spider is one of the biggest threats to unprepared players.

What are the strongest walls in Grounded? ›

A funky smelling dank and sturdy wall composed of baked mushroom brick. Mushroom Walls are a variant of walls, being one the strongest walls only bested by Ash Walls.

What is Tier 3 in Grounded? ›

In Grounded, the Tier 3 Termite Axe is a desirable and essential tool to craft as an upgrade on the Tier 2 Insect Axe. The Termite Axe is essential for farming several valuable resources like Lint and Pupa, which are needed to obtain materials for higher-grade equipment, such as the Tier 3 Hammer.

What is the weakest spider in Grounded? ›

Orb Weavers are far easier to kill, dealing less damage and moving more slowly. They open the fight by spitting webs from their abdomen, which you can easily dodge. Wolf spiders attack more quickly, deal poison damage, and also do a dive bomb attack, which can instantly kill under-geared players.

What is new to Grounded 1.1 update? ›

Grounded's upcoming 1.1 update is adding a new inventory row, the ability to ascend zip lines, and some important difficulty adjustments.

What's new in the Grounded 1.0 update? ›

Creatures randomly return to their home locations during player rest. Hot Deposit actions have audio now. Flowering dandelions drop pollen when chopped down. Slime Lantern durability has been increased.

What is the pill bug in Grounded? ›

The Sickly Roly Poly is a creature that can be found in the western portion of the Grasslands area, primarily around the Trash Heap and behind the Picnic Table. They can be challenging to kill if fought unprepared. They have a stronger version located in the upper yard called the Roly Poly.

What is the zip R in Grounded? ›

The ZIP. R utilizes Aphid power and a gear train to overcome the force of gravity. The ZIP. R can be found in a new room in the Oak lab that requires the Assistant Manager keycard.

Is Grounded 120 fps? ›

Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

They will showcase unparalleled load-times, visuals, responsiveness, and framerates up to 120FPS.

What is the max upgrade in Grounded? ›

Weapon Enhancement

All weapons have a standard enhancement path from level 1 to 5 that improves their damage and durability. After level 5, the player must choose between 5 upgrade paths: Mighty, Fresh, Spicy, Salty, or Sour.

What is the sour weapon in Grounded? ›

The Sour Battle-axe is an end-game tool that can be made after defeating Director Schmector. It deals Sour Damage, similar to how the Spicy Coaltana, Mint Mace, and Salt Morning Star deal elemental damage of their respective types. It also doubles as a Tier 3 axe for chopping purposes, like the Termite Axe.

What is the hardest creature in Grounded? ›

The Broodmother is a spider boss, and it's one of the strongest enemies in Grounded. You gain many useful components by defeating it, but you need to have very powerful equipment before attempting to fight it.

What are the 8 harmless bugs in Grounded? ›

Harmless Creatures
WeevilEastern Flooded Zone Grasslands Hedge Oak Hill Upper Grasslands
GrubCaverns Central Grasslands Oak Hill Shed Surroundings Spider Caves
GnatCentral Grasslands Flooded Zone Moldorc Highlands Oak Hill Undershed Upper Grasslands
Meaty GnatTrash Heap
5 more rows

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